Sometimes, our clients are dissatisfied with the results of their case and want to appeal no matter how much preparation and skill was put into their case. Trials don’t always go perfectly and judges can make mistakes. Other times, parties might refuse to accept the court’s final decision. Either way, any party that is dissatisfied with the ruling has the right to appeal and have the ruling examined by a three-judge court of review.

The appellate court can only use information that was presented to the trial judge in their review of your case. No new pleadings, motions, memoranda, testimony, or exhibits may be submitted to the appellate court that weren’t presented before the trial court, so we ensure to collect everything necessary for a successful trial before an appeal even becomes a consideration. Although we don’t anticipate appeals, preparing so thoroughly helps us make the best of your case from the start and often times even helps avoid the need of filing for an appeal.

We regularly serve as appellate counsel for our clients, both in cases where we also represented our client in the lower court and in cases where we have been brought on the case because of our considerable experience in appellate court.